What's unique about our bunkboxes?

This is a new quick to build solution offering year-round quality sleeping accommodation for groups of young people; whilst they enjoy residential sports and outdoor recreational activity camps.

Where did the idea come from?

Our Architects were working with a client, to create an innovative sports facility. They needed on-site residential dorm-like rooms, to provide quality sleeping accommodation for large groups of children. We thought we'd develop a brand-new sleep system that's exceptional enough for clients to sleep in year-round, and on-site where the children needed to be.

How many people do the bunkboxes sleep, and what's included in them?

A double unit will sleep up to 14 people - and a single unit sleeps 6 people. Standard fittings include the individual storage, LED lighting throughout, electric heating units, USB ports and bedside light fittings. Shower and W/C facilities are also fitted as standard.

How long will an eco-bunkbox last for?

The lifetime of the building exceeds 40 years. There is also a 15 year guarantee on the roof - which could be extended.

How quickly can they be installed once an order has been placed?

Currently around 6 weeks on a clear site. Once planning is approved - from order to delivery.

Are these a permanent or temporary building solution?

Due to the excellent design and quality build materials used, the eco-bunkboxes meet all Permanent Building Regulations, including thermal values, design, structural regulations etc. They present a superior quality option to older standard temporary or portable buildings or mobiles, which may no longer even meet current temporary building regulations - so are freezing cold in the winter and boiling hot in the summer.

Our service can include the planning application process when required - to make this a hassle-free, all-inclusive, turn-key option. There is the option to opt for a temporary planning permission, because the eco-bunkbox can be moved around the site if required. It depends what your long-term plans are?

Can the bunkboxes be adapted to meet my own internal design needs?

Yes! The eco-bunkbox frames themselves will have roughly the same dimensions - but the internal layouts can be individually adapted to meet specific needs - perhaps a luxury lodge layout or family room accommodation unit, with a small kitchenette area incorporated.

How durable are they in England's hardy weather conditions, and are they a low maintenance solution?

We use timber cladding that should withstand anything thrown at them, as a permanent building solution. They are designed to be a low-maintenance option. The external timber cladding can be left and will go a silvery colour naturally, or the timber can be stained and treated regularly to maintain the original colour.

What are the eco-bunkboxes made from?

A structural steel frame with insulated timber cassettes between and thermowood cladding. Timber panels and cassettes used for the walls.

Where are they made?

The supply chain doesn’t get much more local! They are built locally, and we use local M&E suppliers, contractors and transport firms. They will always be built locally and then transported to where you want them.

Can you deliver nationwide?

We’ve designed these lodgings to be highly transportable – based on a containers’ dimensions, so we can easily transport them, to increase our coverage geographically.

Are Financing Schemes available?

Yes they are; to help you secure a long-term quality permanent building solution in the short-term. Contact us to find out more: