Quick to build – Such a flexible option!

Outdoor Classroom Multipurpose Group Room Space

Did you know that we can build and install an eco-bunkbox in just 6 weeks from the point of order, once any planning permissions needed are secured?

This rapid installation significantly reduces the disruption to your busy site, ensuring that your business continue to thrive and without the hassle of prolonged building works and builders on-site for months on end.  

This is achieved because:

  • The foundation systems used are quick to install and highly adaptable and made from 100% recycled and recyclable materials
  • We also build entirely off-site using modular construction methods that significantly improve production efficiencies and waste reductions, whilst driving down costs, build times and CO2 emissions. 

The prefabricated wall panels use an engineered timber stud system and waste efficient and precision technologies to ensure impressive air-tightness and permeability levels.The beauty is that because there’s the option to move the eco-bunkboxes around a site – they don’t always necessarily need to secure a permanent planning application. Sometimes a temporary planning permission, which can be easier to achieve in some circumstances will be sufficient.