case study:

Cranford Primary School

5 new energy efficient classrooms installed in 18 weeks.

“The installation was very smooth and the subcontractors were excellent”

We delivered a turn-key solution, to ensure a finished building was handed over to the client, ready for use. This included the specialised hand-built bunk-bed modules, fire alarm systems, and all the fees involved for the design, planning, engineering, building regs etc. The finished product is fully painted, with flooring, lighting, washroom fittings and external lighting etc.

This launch project for the new eco-bunkboxes has received excellent feedback, both from the client, and the users of the building.

Eco-classrooms presented an innovative and speeded up timetable to the programme of works in our original bid for this project. We ensured minimal disruption to the school during term-time, and that on-site build times were significantly reduced.

Cranford Ext3

Most of demolition, groundworks and frame erection were completed whilst the school was unoccupied, to ensure reduced interruption to a busy school site. So, five new eco-classrooms were designed and installed as double and triple classroom units. The site access was tight, so we skilfully positioned these on-site.

Cranford Ext4

We initially demolished two classrooms, whilst the other two classrooms were used during this build project and then they were demolished at the end of the programme. So, the children’s learning wasn't disrupted, during the build. Our clients were so impressed with, and totally satisfied with the finished building and its’ value for money - the quality of the classrooms was far superior to what they originally hoped for or expected. At the end of project, our clients feedback showed they were extremely happy with the Quality of the Product and Service we provided; and reported successful delivery of the project on-time and within budget. It’s inspiring to see the children’s positive reaction to their new classrooms in some of their thank-you letter shown below.

Because the school is less than 0.5 miles from one of Europe's busiest airports and runway, a significant reducing the acoustic noise levels was very important- These acoustic levels are far higher than a true relocatable modular building could achieve.

The client also requested superb thermal insulation levels, to ensure reduction in the associated running costs of the building. These eco-classrooms achieved excellent EPC ratings of 28 = on the cusp of A rates, with a Buildings emission rate of 14.29 (kgCO2/m2).

Cranford Letters 1
Cranford Letters 2